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That someone would die for another human being is considered the ultimate act of heroism. We stand in awe of the thought that someone would give their greatest gift, the gift of life, to protect a family member never mind a stranger. When someone gives up their life to protect their child we speak of the ultimate act of love, and when this is done for a stranger we stand in awe of their compassion. But consider this as you read this lovely poem, that the one who hung upon this cross was more than a man and stood higher than the angels. As a member of the God head, he stood above the created beings of the universe. He was worthy of praise, honor, and worship. Yet He stepped down from His position of honor to hang upon the cross so that anyone who was willing might be saved.

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Liberty Or Death: Which Part Seventeen: Liberty to Be Set Free

Liberty Or Death: Which Part Seventeen: Liberty to Be Set Free



Are we slaves to sin still or have we been set free having liberty to obey God’s law but finding ourselves still all too often falling short? If we are honest with ourselves we will be able to see that while we might have come along way we still have ten times further to go than where we have come from.


Growing in Jesus is a natural part of man’s walk with their savior.


to make it to heaven we must have our sins forgiven, but we must never set back and say Jesus has forgiven me and that all that matters.


We must always seek God’s truth and when we find it obey it. Then Our Saviors truth will be able to set us free and keep us free.


And as we daily walk in His truth we will be free because He sets us free.

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Liberty Or Death: Which Part Sixteen

Liberty Or Death: Which Part Sixteen



If we are truly praying that the Holy Spirit will lead us into all truth then we must accept Jesus being in the bible. We must also see Him as the one who’s words are recorded in its pages.

Failure to place Jesus in His proper place makes the bible a useless book to read. When we fail to hold Jesus and His words as our moral guide to follow and to obey then this



And for most people, even those calling themselves believers, consider keeping the law as foolishness. They even consider as foolishness the belief that Jesus did not change His law.


However it is our part in our salvation not to question God and His thinking; but to put our trust in Him and obey Him.


It does not matter if we do not keep the ordinances  but the keeping of the Ten Commandments according to Paul…

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Liberty Or Death: Which Part Fourteen: Freedom to be at Liberty not to Sin or be a Slave to Sin and Death

Liberty Or Death: Which Part Fourteen: Freedom to be at Liberty not to Sin or be a Slave to Sin and Death


Having to keep the Ten Commandments, is that not slavery at its truest?

The way I see it I have the God given right to choose how and when to keep if I am to keep any of them.


God just looks at me and responds to my blow hard mouth by saying once you where a slave to the sins that you held within your heart.


you claim to have died with me. And when you were baptized you supposedly were buried with me then like I came up out of my tomb you because of me came up out of that watery grave with a new heart in you. I gave you that


so that you would find joy in service to Me.

thus I ask


if you love me separate yourself from the world


You say that you have faith in me but do you love me?


Yes I’ll let…

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Liberty Or Death: Which Part Thirteen

Liberty Or Death: Which Part Thirteen


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We use as reason for justifying our actions in participating in scenes  such as this is man’s cruelty to our family and friends. But since when does an y wrong committed give us the right, in God’s eyes, to do evil ourselves?


All it does is prove that we are not at liberty to serve God but rather are still slaves to sin and death.

this is love 1

Love for God, for His law, and for mankind does nor rule in our hearts.


Rather hate, deceit, and a lust for our own way reigns making us a slave to our own sin filled characters. We become ready to in turn to what others have done kill innocent people just because of the color of their skin, or because they believe differently than what we do on any given subject or event. Is this the way God feels about people which includes you and I?

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