A sunny winterday in Salzburg, Austria

Now that is the kind of view of winter I like. You can see a hint of snow at the edges, yet there is a sparkling beauty that reminds one that life has not died out just because winter has come. With this photo I can picture myself waking up and stepping out with a pipping hot cup of coco onto a balcony to enjoy an exhilarating lung full of fresh, cool air and feast my eyes upon that glorious view.What a way to start and end ones day!

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When winter and waterfalls come together in Salzburg, Austria

When I look at this photo I can almost feel the cold wind ripping its way through my flimsy sweater.While I am already tired of the heat  (summer weather comes way to early where I live), no way would I like it to be that cold outside my home either.

via When winter and waterfalls come together in Salzburg, Austria[OC][4000×6000]