Have you ever had one of those glorious days where your heart, pounding with joy, felt as if it had  soared to the gates of Heaven.  Everything you did, saw, and said seemed to bask in the peace giving joy.  And it seemed like nothing would ever disturb your peace or make you doubt your assurance of God’s blessings again.

child of God When emotions are high it is easy to remember that your a child of king, it is only when the tempest blows and feeling falters that faith really kicks in.

Then, in the blink of an eye, visions of sunny skies and flower filled valleys gave way to the trying reality of drenching rain, snarled traffic, a string of impossible deadlines, and more.  Feeling yourself sinking under a threatening wave of stress and uncertainty you gasped for air and desperately searched for that reassuring feeling that God was standing by your…

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