Euthanasia Awareness Blog #3

This is sad. To know that your pet could suffer so much pain. It makes you wonder what you should do when your pet is sick and suffering and the vet recommends euthanasia for your animal. And to think with all this suffering some people want to be able to euthanize humans too.


Cruel Practices

There are several physical methods used in animal euthanasia. These methods include shooting, electrocution, decompression, and injections. The problems with shooting an animal is the potential for extreme pain, if the person shooting the gun isn’t competent, if the animal is struggling or if the bullet is deflected and the animal survives. As for Electrocution  it doesn’t always work. Decompression chambers occur at a speed of 15 times faster than any recommended rate. This causes animals’  sinuses and intestines to explode. Injections are also given to the hearts of conscious animals. This rarely provides instant death and causes suffering before death occurs. Some injections, if injected to quickly at a high dose cause animals to experience violent concussions, muscle contractions and cardiac arrest.  Finally, nitrous oxide is also used in addition to carbon monoxide, to poison animals, this causes animals to suffer horribly while they slowly suffocate and convulse. These are the…

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