Jesus is the example for the Christian, but sadly many of us have chosen to pattern our walk after Satan and wonder why we have such a faithless walk.


We need to live for Christ not just speak His name and think that we are His just because we claim to be. Jesus died on the cross so that we might give Him more than lip service. He want to be able to live out His life within us and not be prevented because we see no need to have our lives change.

The choice is ours to make. Either we live a godly life that prepares us for life in heaven. or we live a rebellious lifestyle that prepares us for final destruction. Either we live a Christ- like life or we Live a Christ- filled/Christ- like life or we will live out a Satan- like Life.

False worship or true worship, which are we giving God? We need to consider our ways wisely. Is our walk with our Lord a true walk or a false picture that looks as a…

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