I do believe that prophesy is fast fulfilling and that the return of Jesus is closer than we think. My hope and prayer is that I will not be drawn to the things of this world, but will look up into heaven.


If bible prophecy should fail then is it of any use to us? However, if what it predicts comes true then should we not be reconsidering our belief system?

if we look closely however at present world events, we should see prophecy unfolding before our very eyes. our noses should pick up  on a certain smell in the air. we should then be able to get a hint of change happening all about us. we should quickly be able to understand that this is bible prophecy now taking place right in front of us.

Our eyes, our ears, our taste, as well as our hearts are all too often being drawn to the pleasures round about us. the pleasures of this world are working on every last sense that is in our beings. Worldly entertainments are working to drown out prophecies voice. prophecy is seeking to lead us to the voice of God.

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