Jesus is the way to salvation.


Today  the idea behind such catchphrases as so what is truth, it’s relative, and there’s nothings written in stone are becoming more and more common.  As we are daily being taught to throw away the book and follow the heart the idea that there is any form of nonnegotiable truth is becoming unfashionable as more and more insist that truth has its roots in time, location, and culture.  We are being taught to think that anyone who espouses the belief that there is such a thing as concrete truth is old fashioned, inflexible, and even intolerant.

As this idea continues to gain traction in society, its reach has extended into the church.  Its expositors declaring that any attempt to cling to doctrine old fashioned and intolerable act of divisiveness that will cripple the church and its mission. And because more and more people are accepting the idea that like societal truth, Biblical…

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