This sounds interesting. I have to try this sometime.

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Don’t worry; this isn’t a journey into the mind of a drug user or a bad acid trip.

It’s about killing those pesky weeds in your garden, flower beds, and yard by using our household pal Vinegar. Tired of spending your hard earned dollars on expensive, commercial chemical weed killers? Try using vinegar to kill those unwanted weeds.

Why vinegar? Vinegar is a natural weed killer you can use in your yard without worrying about killing off your pets or kids. It is inexpensive, non-toxic, fast acting, and doesn’t cause long term damage to the soil. It works best on warm, dry days. I know finding those days here in the Seattle area might be tough, but when they do come, whip out that spray bottle of vinegar and kill those weeds!
I have my own special receipe that I use to make a custom weed killer.

-Quart of vinegar

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