Never before has it meant so much to say I am a Christian. Today, like never before, we must decide are we willing to serve God and obey His law no matter what.


Friendship with Jesus; how important is that to you and me? if we are to reach our heavenly destination it must not only be important to us; it must be the most important  thing in our life.

1st Corinthians 13:13 says: now abides faith, hope, and love. the greatest of these three Paul says is love. if our Lord says that whatsoever we do, whatsoever we say, and whatsoever we think can never be pleasing to Him unless it is sprinkled with our faith in Him; how much more are they to be intertwined with love.

A love relationship with Jesus is what will give us the desire to follow Him and obey His words. This my brothers, this my sisters is why keeping the 7th-say Sabbath is important. Do we have enough of a love relationship with our Savior to keep the day He ask us to keep, or do…

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