Interesting, geese as police dogs.

Become an Au Pair in China

We all know that Chinese people can have crazy ideas… Or maybe creative ideas? Let´s take a look at some Chinese animal trends nowadays. It’s going to be surprising.

Is that a tiger or a dog?

Tiger dog - nihaoaupair

The craziest dog’s trend in China: Chinese people dyeing their pets to look like other animals. It was not enough with the fake electronic devices, they also want fake wild animals. Don´t get scare if you see a tiger in the middle of the city, it’s just a cute dog though.

Chinese army uses pigeons messengers 


Two thousand years ago the Romans military were using pigeons for sending message. Nowadays with all the technology we have, Chinese army is still using them for this purpose spending 12.7% of the military budget for the pigeons training.
Geese instead of police dogs


Although police dogs are good at their job Chinese officers have proved that geese are more effective…

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