When we as Christians kick back our heels and take an afternoon or an evening off to relax and watch a good movie, do we analyze what we are watching? Have we asked ourselves why we believe that the movie is good an wholesome? Have we made sure that the message of the movie, forwards and backwards, front and back meets the standard given to us in God’s word?

Or do we just kick up our heels and turn off our minds.  Let our guard down, and slip into a comfortable state of oblivion.  Confident that all is well and because some friend, some youth leader, or pastor said that this movie, director, or studio made it, all will turn out well?

Could the reason why so few Christians today are living the firm life of faith once seen in the days of the apostles, of Martin Luther, Wesley, Huss, Jerome, and William Miller, where property, personal comfort, and even life itself was considered secondary to follow our perfect example and sharing God’s word with a dying world was supreme, be that we have become complacent.  That we have given over our minds to the control and guardianship of one who does not have our eternal welfare in mind?

That in the name of relaxation and innocent fun, we are welcoming in influences that are cutting small, imperceptible chinks in the armor of salvation.  Chinks that will eventually allow the arrow of the enemy to hit its mark and lead us from God?

Could it be that the programs we believed to be so innocent are not as pure and undefiled as we think? And that through the power of carefully crafted and cautiously weaved in undertones, the real message of the movie lurks.  A background message meant to instill the seeds of doubt, and subtly but surely lead us one step at a time away from the paths that lead to eternal life.

Maybe we should think about the next time we put up our feet to enjoy a lazy afternoon in front of the TV.  And instead of turning off our mind and allowing ourselves to soak in every word and action like a hungry sponge, we should kneel down in prayerful contemplation and ask God to give us the discernment  to recognize necessary to recognize anything that could hamper our Christian walk, and then the courage to put God first and break our ties with anything that threatens our relationship with Him.

Here are some examples of the hidden and not so hidden messages in movies that threaten our understanding of and walk with God.


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