The creation story is the backbone of the Christian faith. And what many do not understand is that there is no safe compromise between Christianity and evolution. Once the pin of creationism is removed the whole house falls down and the Bible with its promise of a world free of sin falls apart and means nothing.



Like Genesis 1:1, one’s understanding of Genesis 1:5 and its cohorts are imperative to the Christian. For they stand in the face of evolution’s cherished theory that the earth and the life it contains was formed over hundreds of millions of years. Declaring that the only big bang that occurred was God said it, and it was there.

This verse leaves no room for the Christian to compromise and say that evolution occurred but with God at its head. That He used evolution because he “did not have a magic wand.” Because it, and the verses that follow in chapter one outline a very distinct and uninterrupted weekly cycle that composed six days of creation and a seventh day set aside for rest.

Do we realize, when we claim that God was impotent to create the world like the Genesis story declares, we have lost our firm footing. Because…

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