Modern thinking is in the process of teaching us to believe that we can do no wrong nor can we make a poor choice. Leading us to believe that we are free to do as we please and God will accept us. But the Bible says that this is not the truth. That there is only one way to Heaven and eternal life, and that is by accepting the atoning blood of Jesus.


Do all roads really lead to God and heaven? Could it be  possible that we might be following a wrong road and nor even realize it? Being led astray can be ever so subtle as we move along. Pagan gods made of wood and stone are easy to spot but, words, thoughts, and deeds are less likely to be spotted. Mix one  falsehood in  and among a dozen truths and half truths and the roadway becomes a muddy mix which because it contains some truth  looks as if the right road is being tread upon.  However God by His rules has set His path straight. All we really need to remember is that by love and faith we are to lean upon Him for the power to obey them while the god want a be gives us all kinds of excuses why we do not need to keep those rules.

God holds these…

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