Lion of Yeshua

The Lion of Judah, Yeshua or as we better know Him Jesus, has at all times in mans history been the one to help a man live a law abiding righteous life.

Isaiah 26 12    5

How can we as Christians ever claim that those followers of God, Yeshua to them, had to earn their salvation by keeping the Ten Commandments when Isaiah makes it so clear? It was Yeshua, Jesus Christ the Messiah, who was leading them.

God does not change

Yeshua said He would never change then and,


just in case you believe that in the New Testament Jesus, Yeshua, changed Paul makes it quite clear; He didn’t and never will.

Isaiah 26 12    4

The Lord took care of all His faithful followers back then and Yeshua, Jesus, today if we are faithful followers obeying His words take care of us.

not all

this verse should point us to our need of obedience rather than this care free idea that we…

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