It is true, today, while the way is clear, we need to draw close to God. Because the way the world is changing the day is upon us when tomorrow will be too late.


The good news of the Bible is that sin is not going to last forever.  That one day Jesus is going to stand up and bring this sad state of affairs to an end.  And make sin and its associated misery a distant memory.

If we look carefully we can see evidence in the increasingly powerful and ever closer natural disasters, the decreasing moral state of society, the talks of war, the fear of manmade disasters, and more that this promised time is very near.  That we are living in the last hours of earth’s history.  And that very soon, Jesus will stand up and declare that the course of sin has run its course.

thU56HF1BK The good news is that Jesus is about to return and take us to that land where sorrow and death are not known.

While in view of the sad state of humanity, this is joyous…

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