This may be hard topic for some Christians. It is never easy when we are called to evaluate something that we love or to give up some cherished fun. But if we are going to be ready to meet Jesus and if we truly love Him so much, then we will want to hold nothing back. Not even our favorite holidays.


Halloween is rounding the corner, and many are already planning what costume or costumes they will wear during this exciting season of mystery and candy.  Young and old look forward to what they believe to be an innocent season of merriment.  Fully believing that a dab of fright is beneficial to the soul.

But can the Christian, who has been called by God to walk the narrow road, safely partake of this holiday built upon ghouls, goblins, and death? Is it safe for us to join the world in celebrating a season built upon death?

The Bible declares in Deuteronomy 18:10 that

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