Does Halloween bring us closer to God? Sadly I think that to many Christian’s today have not bothered to ask themselves this question. They are too busy having fun to worry if what they are doing is bringing them closer or further from Christ. But it is an important question that we should ask ourselves.


It’s that time of year when death, horror, and the macabre are celebrated.  Around the country, nay around the globe, celebrations of death will soon be taking place.  In honor of the day of the dead, magnificent parties will be thrown, elaborate costumes will be created, exciting parades will fill the streets, and candy hungry lads and lasses will late into the night march from door to door in search of their favorite treats.

Because this holiday has been around for so long and has become so popular that most Christian’s have come to accept it as a normal part of society. And have not stopped to ask themselves if this holy day is one upon which they can rightfully ask God to grant His blessing?  If before they head out to spend the evening at fright night, combing the neighborhood for candy, and partying, they can truly gather in prayer and…

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