We are living in a day of fear.  Fear of weather. Fear of the dark.  Fear of political disaster.  Fear of war.  Fear of nuclear disaster.  Fear of earthquakes.  Fear of financial melt down.  Fear of riots.  Fear of political correctness run amuck.  Fear of giant asteroids. Fear of unexplained insect swarms.  Fear of a deadly pandemic. And even fear of fear.

Fear is everywhere.  Like an invading army, it has pervaded  every corner of our once peaceful lives. 

Fear has become so strong, so prominent, so part and parcel of society that it seems we live, eat, breath, and perspire molecules of fear. As in an exponential explosion fear claims an increasing sector of society.  Feeling free to make itself at home in every corner of our home.

But are we doomed to live life cowering in the corner? Are we destined to succumb to this heart crippling phenomenon of fear? To live life sheltering…

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