It is the hope of my heart that I will not be ashamed to meet my Lord at His return.



Do we want to stand before Jesus unashamed of our record of living when Jesus comes to take His people home.

Jesus says that it is possible for us to do so.


He says now you my people place in your lives My ways. Remain obedient to my will always ever enduring till death or till I return for you. Then you shall have no need to be ashamed of the life you have lived, because you will be ready to live with me forever.


Upon My return you will not be like this


or find yourself alone and ashamed like this.


Jesus again says: you know that I am a righteous God. You know that I sin not and that I abhor evil period; never mind it in My people.

You know that I went through shame so that you might enjoy freedom from sin.


So My people why are you not…

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