Sadly it is true, if we give our heart to the things of this world our love for God will fade. The more we center our heart upon the perishable things of this world, the less space we have in our heart for heavenly matters. And if we do not wake up to our danger and make a change, the sad day may come when the things of this world will mean so much to us that we would rather die with our things than live forever in the glorious kingdom of peace without them.


thif you love me

Jesus says if you love me keep My commandments. The world says don’t worry about doing that. The Ten Commandments are old fashion. They were done away with at the cross. Jesus does not really expect you as a sinner to keep them. Besides Jesus changed them. Any ways Jesus meant them to be kept by the Jew only.

Because of this kind of thinking we as Christians turn too much to our worldly way of life.

The pleasures of this world thus fill our lives slowly replacing the things that  matter when our salvation is involved. Also, the more we move toward the world the more we become like them. And unknowingly  the love of the world fills our hearts while our love for God and what He holds dear dwindles into nothingness.


We very soon become chained to Satan and his biding becomes our very nature to do.


Christ warns…

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