Rattlesnake Ledge (North Bend, WA) during the 2015 wildfires…

Breathtaking. That view is amazing. Imagine waking up to that spot every morning.

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Rattlesnake Ledge (North Bend, WA) during the 2015 wildfires [OC] [3264×2448]

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Ever Praying Never Recieving It’s Power

Ever Praying Never Recieving It’s Power



Jesus knows what we need even before we ask it of Him. So why is it that our prayers all too often seem to fly up into the sky and disappear; going unanswered?

All our time in prayer seem to us to be worthless. Time wasted in which we could have been doing something more fruitful.


We need to understand that prayer is not just about getting our desires from a God who is so willing to give then to us. Its more about our letting Jesus change our hearts and our lives into His likeness.

Until we let Him come into our life and we meet Him at the cross our prayers will be worthless.

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Do We Instruct God In What To Do

Do We Instruct God In What To Do



Man makes himself out to be God. Part of him doing this is for him to think that he has the power to direct God’s words and God’s path. Man believes that he can determine just what God means to say and what He doesn’t mean, even though He said it. If this is not placing one’s self in a higher position than God then there is nothing that is.


Then their is the matter of the Catholic Church and it’s leaders and their claims.


Even though the bible says clearly that only God  can forgive sins.

the church claims that they have the right to do so.

They also claim the power to change God’s Ten Commandments.




the bible says


But man says their spirit falls upon the Spirit.


We are now in a state of mine in this world where we are being told to come together in…

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