Flowers blooming on Atacama Desert, Chile. Photograph by Mario…

When I look at photos like this, I cannot help but wonder what this world must have looked like before sin. Because if, after 6,ooo years of sin this world looks so wondrous, imagine the beauty that must have been when the eye could look at every corner and not find one flaw.

Source: Flowers blooming on Atacama Desert, Chile. Photograph by Mario…


I Come Quickly

Sometimes, as we see the spiraling circus unfold around us, it is easy to become discouraged and declare that the Bible is wrong and God is never going to come. Concentrating on the decaying world around us, we begin to feel weighted down with hopelessness and despair as we join the disheartening chorus that God is long overdue and must have forgotten us.

But the word of God is confident, it declares that God never changes, and that He keeps His word. Which means that even though it seems to us now like God is overdue, that He has forgotten to come for us, He will come again. That He will come on the date and time that He has determined, and that He will not wait a second longer to bring the misery of sin to an eternal end.


My Legacy

My Legacy

KB Writes

My legacy is a poem of reflection. It ask the painful question, if something happened to me what would be the legacy of my life? What value would it have, what purpose would it have served? Would it be the kind of life that I could look back upon with pride or would I shudder from a mountain of regret? Would the people that I love remember me with tears or smile with relief that I am gone?

The question of one’s legacy is so easy to postpone, because the idea that one day death will come is not one that any of us like to deal with. Yet it struck me as I wrote this simple poem that now is the time to ask this critical question. Now while I have a chance to mend bridges, build stronger bonds with the one’s that I love, and totally change the…

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