Pacific Crest Trail – early fall days and blueberry bushes…

What caught my attention in this photo is that narrow path surrounded by red flowers on one side. It is so narrow that only one person can walk it, and it looks like if one were to lose their balance they would be in for a nasty fall down the mountain side.

As I thought about that step drop, it seemed to me that this photo was rather like an illustration of the narrow way. Like that path, the narrow way is lined with red. Not the attractive red of blushing flowers, but the painful crimson stain of His who walked before and gave His all to save us. Just like the path in the picture seems narrow and tight with no safe place to pause or turn about, their is no room on the narrow way to turn to the right or to the left. At times the way climbs steeply up the mountainside, and because the path is so tight if we were to take our eyes off of Jesus, it would be easy for to concentrate more on the danger posed by the sharp drop than our hope of one day reaching a heavenly city where sin and death are no more.

Source: Pacific Crest Trail – early fall days and blueberry bushes…


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