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I found this article interesting. I like learning what nutrition is to be had in the food I eat.

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Healthy Brown Bread

This not only looks like a tasty recipe, but I love the way that he explained the difference between stone ground flour and regular flour. I never knew that the way most flour was processed caused it be broken down into three parts. I knew most of the nutrients were lost and that is why they added nutrition, but I did not realize that regular flour only contained 1/3 of the grain and that this might be one of the reasons why so many are now having trouble eating grains. Now I know why some say that there is so much religion to be found in a good loaf of bread.


Top 4 Benefits of Red Cabbage Juice That You Should Know

I found this article both informative and interesting.  I knew that eating cabbage was good for you, but I never thought about the benefit of drinking it.

Any nutritionist will tell you that eating fruits and vegetables is healthy for your body especially when taken raw. This is because heating or boiling denatures or destroys the nutritional value o…

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