Maybe because I have not had breakfast yet, this article on donuts looks extra delicious and inviting.  All those donuts looked good.  The recipe sounds rather interesting, although I am not sure where to get the special sugar used in this article.  But if the donuts are as good as they look in the picture, they should be rather tasty.

We go into supermarkets and buy our own doughnuts or into branded shops specified for these sweet treats like Krispy Kreme, but we never think we can make something just as simple as a doughnut fro…





Sadly all to often we forget that time is what life is made of. Therefore we waste away the moments not realizing that they quickly become the lost minutes, hours, days, weeks, even months and years we will one day wish that we could live all over again. I often wonder how different we would live our lives it we did take those few moments to remember and evaluate our use of time. This world might be a different place if we did.


Time is the most valuable commodity that we have. With it we buy every aspect of our lives. From study time to family time, to the lazy afternoon at the beach, time buys it all.

th6QUSYBI4 Time and money are the commodities of life, but sadly too many of us think that money has the greater value of the two.

While we think of money and all it allows us to buy, dream about the lifestyle that piles of money in our bank account would allow us enjoy, we little realize that the most precious asset that we own is time. Without time a room full of gold and jewels would be of no value, it would offer us no worth.

It is only with time on our clock of life that we can think, grow, interact, and understand. It is only while we have a deposit of time in our account…

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