For Your Love I Beg

I wonder how many of us have people and pets begging for our love, yet we are too caught up with our electronic wonders or too busy trying to get ahead to recognize their cries.

Source: For Your Love I Beg




KB Writes

Hugs was inspired by my little dog Happy. When we first got him the idea of getting a hug was petrifying. He had no clue what a hug was. But within a few months Happy as Happy began to warm up to us and realize that he was in a safe and loving environment, he began to accept hugs.

Now this little bundle of fluff, who adores being the center of attention, will often become jealous when anyone hugs without him. And will jump onto the lap or try to jump into the arms to be part of the hug. It is from this dramatic change in Happy and his need to feel like he is loved that this poem was inspired.

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