Paul and the Man Of Sin: The Antichrist Part Six

Paul and the Man Of Sin: The Antichrist Part Six

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The Law Still Relevant Today Part 1

The Law Still Relevant Today Part 1

Many of us have been taught to believe that the law of God no longer matters. That the death of Christ was not to save us from our sins and to by His immeasurable sacrifice pay the penalty of sin in our stead, but was meant to bring an end to a faulty law.

But is that really the case? Was the law of God imperfect, outdated, and even degrading as some so called experts have come to declare?

If that was the case, then how could the Bible say that God is perfect? A perfect God would have created a perfect law, not one so flawed and corrupt that it demanded the death of all who failed to live up to its impossible standards.

And if the law was faulty, would it not have been much easier just to change the law instead of sending Jesus to suffer and die?  That is what most earthly kings would have done, right? What kind of loving earthly king would do that to one  of his subjects or most especially to his son and yet many are saying that a loving God needed to do this?

Somehow we seem to think that it brings glory and honor to God by saying to the world, oh sorry, our God made a mistake when He wrote the Ten Commandments, and then wonder why they do not take God seriously. But how can they when we paint a picture of a cruel, dictatorial tyrant who has less common sense than a frog desperate to cross the road hitting his head against a brick wall because he cannot pause and look two inches the other way.

Maybe we need to stop and ask ourselves is the problem really with the law, or is it with our sin encrusted heart and our unwillingness to give up our favorite sins and live a Christ like life.


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God’s Law Of Love

God’s Law Of Love


thperfect love.jpg

Love: what a wonderful world this would be if we all had the love of God and man in our hearts. Before that can happen however, we need to have the love of God in our hearts. The source of true love is God.

god is love

Love is one of the biggest principles that the Christian should hold in their heart. The bible tells us that there is


but the greatest of these is love.

We may have great faith in God’s way as being the correct way to follow but, if we love not God chances we will never follow Him. At least  not for long before we rebel.


This is what our service to God would liable to feel like. As people who like to feel good about themselves we would tend to make all the effort we could to escape what would be to us a horrible servitude.


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We Must Be Overcomers

We Must Be Overcomers



The question is asked in the book of 1 John. How are we to become overcomers?  Jesus answers by saying that you must believe with all your heart that I am the Son of the living God.


Paul tells us more about being overcomers. He says that Jesus, the Lord, knew no sin. was made sin in our behalf. This He willing did that we who are nothing but sin might become righteous, without sin, by depending upon Him to give us the power we need to do so.

Then we will be able to sing


My Savior forever.

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The Law Still Relevan Today-Introduction

The Law Still Relevan Today-Introduction


As we prepare to enter the last act of the drama between God and Satan, at a time when maintaining a firm, consistent, and unflinching walk with Jesus is so crucial, many in the Christian world have been lead to believe that the Ten Commandments were done away with.  That they were flawed, impossible to keep, and a troublesome relic of the old covenant, and was therefore done away with at the cross.

thIQE2HZTP As we near the fearful hour when our name’s will be called in the heavenly judgment hall, a correct understanding of the Law of God is vital.

But is this true?  Are the Ten Commandment’s flawed?  Is it true that they have no value for those of us who are preparing for the extremely near return of Jesus? Was the purpose of Christ death really to set us free from having to obey an archaic and Machiavellian…

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