The Power Of God

The Power Of God


Do we have faith in God? Is that faith growing daily?


Faith must be a proactive part of our tramp, tramp, tramp along God’s highway or we will slip, slip, slip backward into Satan’s camp.


The fait of Jesus’ followers must be forever seeking out ways to get stronger and still stronger


because Satan’ wiles are forever growing.

We can do nada. All we can do is die in our sins.


there is a difference between God and man.

God gives life.


Man gives only


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The Upright Shall Dwell With God



It is not the luck of the draw that God will dwell with us. It is the upright that shall dwell with God.


As we give our hearts to Jesus more and more to obey  all that He ask us to do we take on more and still more of His image.

The other side of life is what one gets when they do not give their life over to do  as Jesus ask


this is what they finally will see when they ask, is God walking with me and I with Him?

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God Gives To Us Precious Promises

God Gives To Us Precious Promises



God has given these promises to us according to Peter so that we can know that through Jesus we can obtain  the power needed to have Christ- like natures within our bodies.

Jesus who is the biggest promise we have did this so that all God’s promises from God for us might be fulfilled.

cross 2

these promises are so far reaching that it can take a sin filled life and turn it about making it into a sin free life.

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