What is Time

What is Time



To all us Human beings life is all about time.


all too often time seems to slip away all too fast.


we need time for family, time for bonding with them, time for work, and time for leisure.


Some time lays so heavy upon us that it seems to us as if we are carrying the world on our shoulders.

Sometimes we feel our load so heavy it seems as if in order to make it we have to daily push the weight of the world around. Or at other times in our lives we have a sense in our hearts that the world about us is trying to end our lives.

We all long to have our live filled with joy and sweetness where we can pick up our cares and woes whenever and wherever we want. However, life is not that way.

No matter how much we put forth…

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If We Break Even One Of The Ten Commandments

If We Break Even One Of The Ten Commandments


Jesus was talking about the satisfying of  the law. Just what would it take to satisfy the commandments that Jesus Himself gave us?

was it doing away with them?

thdoes away

Therefore if any of those who lay claim to My name act in an unchrist- like manner by trying to do away with any one of or all of My commandments; as well as teach others that hey are done away with or altered I shall withdraw their names from the book of life.

On the other hand

whosoever does

Remember Jesus said


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Perfection: Which One Or Neither Or Both

Perfection: Which One Or Neither Or Both



Do you ever desire to be considered righteous as you walk before your Lord? Noah was and so can you. You say that I am a sinner and not strong like Noah. I have some shocking news for you. Genesis 9: 20-25 records a bad sin that Noah did. So how can we after reading these verses even think of Noah as being this strong spotless man that was mor special to God for being such?

found grace

That’s right; just like us it was grace that saved Noah and his family.


So why was Noah found to be among the righteous before God?


For the answer just look at the Ark. Here lies the result of a man’s obedience to the call God gave Him.


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Cliff Young and Amazing Facts of Faith

Cliff Young and Amazing Facts of Faith

What a fascinating story. I wish that I had the endurance of Cliff Young. I can only imagine what I might be able to accomplish if I had this man’s steady endurance. But what I would love even more is to have a faith in God that could go the distance. One like Cliff Young that could run the race even though everyone around me was sound asleep.  Now that would be an amazing faith worth striving for.


Is Jesus the King of Your Heart?

Is Jesus the King of Your Heart?


When we are young we think that life will ever be before us.  Time seems endless and full of promise.  Slowly and comfortably we make our way, confident that we can postpone the uncomfortable because there will always be another tomorrow.  Then one day we turn around and reality hits us like a ton of bricks as the air robbing realization hits us that most of our tomorrows are now behind us.

Where did the days go?  When did the hours slip away? We wonder as with a fervor never known we pick up our to do list and fight to make each day count.

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Add To Your Life These Promises

Add To Your Life These Promises



We all at times join the world in pleasures that to us look as if they are innocent.

Disney to most people seems as if nothing is wrong with going there. However, for the Christian is that true? Can Christians be on safe ground and bring their children in their doors and expect that the world will not change their attitude toward Jesus as the savior of the world? Are we willing to take a closer look at Disney?


Let us start Here at the castle. Disney has made this caste home to


This is known as a kids classic. Something for all to watch with joy. But what lies beneath the surface. Witchcraft for one.


God warns that we should have nothing to do with this even though it is plastered all over Disney.


How can we be faithful to our God and raise up our children in the…

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