What is Time

What is Time



To all us Human beings life is all about time.


all too often time seems to slip away all too fast.


we need time for family, time for bonding with them, time for work, and time for leisure.


Some time lays so heavy upon us that it seems to us as if we are carrying the world on our shoulders.

Sometimes we feel our load so heavy it seems as if in order to make it we have to daily push the weight of the world around. Or at other times in our lives we have a sense in our hearts that the world about us is trying to end our lives.

We all long to have our live filled with joy and sweetness where we can pick up our cares and woes whenever and wherever we want. However, life is not that way.

No matter how much we put forth…

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I Come Quickly

Sometimes, as we see the spiraling circus unfold around us, it is easy to become discouraged and declare that the Bible is wrong and God is never going to come. Concentrating on the decaying world around us, we begin to feel weighted down with hopelessness and despair as we join the disheartening chorus that God is long overdue and must have forgotten us.

But the word of God is confident, it declares that God never changes, and that He keeps His word. Which means that even though it seems to us now like God is overdue, that He has forgotten to come for us, He will come again. That He will come on the date and time that He has determined, and that He will not wait a second longer to bring the misery of sin to an eternal end.


Prophesy Fast Fufilling

Prophesy Fast Fufilling


The world around is quickly changing in ways that most of us never imagine that it could.  Truth, beautiful and holy, is now held in contempt as vice of every type is uplifted.  Signs of the end are everywhere as we enter a time when it can truly be said that like the times of Lot and Noah mankind has grown tired of the restriction of God’s word, would rebel.

For the time will come when they will notenduresounddoctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears; 2 Timothy 4:3

Wars, rumors of war, pestilence, famine, earthquakes, fires, flood, strange signs in the sky, financial and political unrest, social upheaval, and more are happening all around us in quick succession.  Like a woman in labor, this earth’s pangs are drawing nearer and increasing in intensity. As a reeling earth, faint…

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Convergence: A Sign of the End

Convergence: A Sign of the End

Truly the signs of Christ return are converging. Sadly most of us have no clue how close we are to final events breaking upon us like a burst dam. We need to pray that God will help us to put on heavenly glasses so we can see how close we are to the return of Jesus. We need to pray for courage and strength to lay aside any and every habit that stands between us and our Savior, because unlike any other time in history we can stop and say, the hour of our deliverance is at hand.


Most Christians believe that the plethora of dramatic changes taking place in our world prove that the end of this world and the return of Jesus Christ is at hand.  When they see the startling events happening all around them and compare it with the words of Christ in Matthew chapter 24 as well as the prophesies of Daniel and Revelation, they come to the firm conclusion that these seemingly unrelated events are a direct fulfillment of Bible Prophesy. And with great eagerness they long to tell one and all get ready, because the great day of the Lord is at hand.

But many times, when they try to share with others their conviction that the Second Coming is near, they are told to stop get a grip and stop the fear mongering because these so called changes they point to as signs of the end are nothing more than the natural…

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