Jesus is desperately trying to wake his people today. Are you listening?

I found this sermon to be both powerful and thought provoking. The pastor is right when he begins the sermon with the words, we do not live in normal times. If you have any doubt all you have to do is turn on the TV news and in a few seconds it will become crystal clear that something terrible is going on as violence, fear, natural disaster, the loss of love for our fellow humans overflows from the airwaves with startling rapidity. It seems like everyday the world is doing the impossible by sinking lower and lower even though it seems that it must have reached the bottom.

But we were warned that the end would be like this. A fearful mixture of the days of Lot and Noah, a frightful dash of the spirit of Sodom and Gomorrah, that would culminate in reenactment of the plain of Dura where once again God’s servants will have to decide to bow the knee and win the praise of man, or stand firm to God and face the modern equivalent of the fiery furnace.

As we see the spiraling world around us, the Spirit of God is speaking to our hearts desperately trying to wake us up to our danger, desperately seeking to wake us up to the fact that the midnight hour is at the door. The clock is only seconds away from striking midnight when the door of mercy will forever close. When Jesus will rise and declare he that has clean hands let him be clean and he that is filthy let him be filthy still.

Oh how fearful to know that so very soon our case will be forever decided. That in a few more weeks, a few more days, maybe even a few more hours, our name will be called. Our case will be brought before the righteous judge.

My heart was stirred as I thought that even now, as I am swallowed up with the minutia of daily cares, as I am stirred by the hopes and dreams of this world, my name might even now be being called in the heavenly courts. That this very moment, while my attention is swallowed by this life, my eternal destiny could be forever decided.

While my heart rejoices at the thought that the journey is almost over, that very soon the heavens will be filled with a host of angels shouting the victory shout, ready to welcome God’s faithful servants home, it is a solemn time. A time of reviewing ones life and asking the all important question, have I fully given my heart to Jesus or am I holding part back? Am I truly ready  to meet a holy God?

Because as I listened to this sermon I realized with startling force that all to often I have let the trivial matters of this fast fading life swallow my attention. That I have been guilty of taking my eyes off of Jesus and focusing on my selfish desires. And oh how it saddens my heart to think of the precious hours that I have wasted, to think of all the lost opportunities to share the truth with others. And my heart was brought to tears as I realized how little I have valued the wondrous gift of eternal life. How little value I have placed upon the wondrous honor of hearing the King of Kings call my name and then placing a victory crown upon my brow.

Because if I valued it as I should, nothing this world had to offer; no fear or honor, would sway me from shouting with urgent voice, get ready, get ready for the bridegroom cometh. Get ready because the final hour is even now at hand. We are no longer twenty, fifteen, ten, or five minutes to midnight, but seconds away from the most important event in this words history, and there is not a moment to spare. In a few more months, a few more days, oh in a few more hours, the door of probation will forever close and scenes of fearful wonder will take place as the last battle between good and evil deluges this world in the final birth pang, before the heavens open and the King of King comes to take His servants home.


Paul And The Man Of Sin: The Antichrist Part One

Paul And The Man Of Sin: The Antichrist Part One



There is a war going on in this planet. It is not a war of guns and bombs. It is not even a war that can be physically seen by us.

this is a war for people


and their


Satan verses Jesus


For us it started just after


and has come up to the point were we are now.

end time signs

We are now at the point in history when the man of sin is to be revealed. If we are not fully saturated with the word of God we will fall under his grip by falling out from under God’s wings.


Paul tells us some important fact that we should know about the antichrist or as he calls him the man of sin.


Do not allow yourself to have this come upon you.


This church will do all in its power to convince you that they are the true church and…

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Last day Scoffers

Last day Scoffers



Scoffers have been around for a long time.


today the scoffers are going about much the same business. They would like to see nothing better than this.


If this were to happen then they would have the freedom that they want to live the way they see fit.


We as Christ’ followers need to be ever on our guard  that we do not in any way fall into being a scoffer of any kind.


Scoffers turn themselves into fools. Being a scoffer long enough makes it so that it becomes impossible on our part to believe in a God that is able to rise from the dead and then return in judgment of anyone.

But while Jesus may not return when we feel He should; He will come again at the God appointed time. all we need to be doing is this


 Not this


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What are Kids Watching?

Have you ever stopped and taken a good look at children’s programming to determine if it is a child friendly as you think? When was the last time that sat down with your children to watch some of their favorite shows to make sure that they are appropriate?

Sadly the days of Mr. Rodgers and the land of Make Believe, where the worst thing a child would see is a carefully crafted skit about losing a pet or a loved one, is gone. Gone are the days of Mr. Wizard and Math Net, which sought to make science and Math look cool.

In this modern age where heterosexuality and boundary pushing are deemed cool, the age of innocence is no more. What would have once been considered adult only themes have made their way into children’s programming.   As sadly the age of innocence is being eroded away, and few people even seem to realize it.

Time of Quiet, Time of Change


Last year the internet was buzzing from the hysteria surrounding September 2015 and the belief that the world was going to end. Rumors of every flavor filled the internet waves as rumors of war, natural disasters, financial woes, and even fears of alien invasions warned that the end was at hand.

So when, as the critics predicted, the month passed quietly into history, the world comfortably declared that nothing had happened.  That all was as it had been and would continue to be. Even though, right in front of their eyes, a prophetic alarm clock had sounded.  As the beast who had received the deadly wound stepped onto the center stage once more.  Receiving the adoration of people and a land who had once been a staunch bastion of protestant principles.  The only leader of any religious institution to be invited to speak before a joint session of  the  United…

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What is Time

What is Time



To all us Human beings life is all about time.


all too often time seems to slip away all too fast.


we need time for family, time for bonding with them, time for work, and time for leisure.


Some time lays so heavy upon us that it seems to us as if we are carrying the world on our shoulders.

Sometimes we feel our load so heavy it seems as if in order to make it we have to daily push the weight of the world around. Or at other times in our lives we have a sense in our hearts that the world about us is trying to end our lives.

We all long to have our live filled with joy and sweetness where we can pick up our cares and woes whenever and wherever we want. However, life is not that way.

No matter how much we put forth…

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I Come Quickly

Sometimes, as we see the spiraling circus unfold around us, it is easy to become discouraged and declare that the Bible is wrong and God is never going to come. Concentrating on the decaying world around us, we begin to feel weighted down with hopelessness and despair as we join the disheartening chorus that God is long overdue and must have forgotten us.

But the word of God is confident, it declares that God never changes, and that He keeps His word. Which means that even though it seems to us now like God is overdue, that He has forgotten to come for us, He will come again. That He will come on the date and time that He has determined, and that He will not wait a second longer to bring the misery of sin to an eternal end.