A sunny winterday in Salzburg, Austria

Now that is the kind of view of winter I like. You can see a hint of snow at the edges, yet there is a sparkling beauty that reminds one that life has not died out just because winter has come. With this photo I can picture myself waking up and stepping out with a pipping hot cup of coco onto a balcony to enjoy an exhilarating lung full of fresh, cool air and feast my eyes upon that glorious view.What a way to start and end ones day!

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When winter and waterfalls come together in Salzburg, Austria

When I look at this photo I can almost feel the cold wind ripping its way through my flimsy sweater.While I am already tired of the heat  (summer weather comes way to early where I live), no way would I like it to be that cold outside my home either.

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The Law Still Relevant Today Part 1

The Law Still Relevant Today Part 1

Many of us have been taught to believe that the law of God no longer matters. That the death of Christ was not to save us from our sins and to by His immeasurable sacrifice pay the penalty of sin in our stead, but was meant to bring an end to a faulty law.

But is that really the case? Was the law of God imperfect, outdated, and even degrading as some so called experts have come to declare?

If that was the case, then how could the Bible say that God is perfect? A perfect God would have created a perfect law, not one so flawed and corrupt that it demanded the death of all who failed to live up to its impossible standards.

And if the law was faulty, would it not have been much easier just to change the law instead of sending Jesus to suffer and die?  That is what most earthly kings would have done, right? What kind of loving earthly king would do that to one  of his subjects or most especially to his son and yet many are saying that a loving God needed to do this?

Somehow we seem to think that it brings glory and honor to God by saying to the world, oh sorry, our God made a mistake when He wrote the Ten Commandments, and then wonder why they do not take God seriously. But how can they when we paint a picture of a cruel, dictatorial tyrant who has less common sense than a frog desperate to cross the road hitting his head against a brick wall because he cannot pause and look two inches the other way.

Maybe we need to stop and ask ourselves is the problem really with the law, or is it with our sin encrusted heart and our unwillingness to give up our favorite sins and live a Christ like life.


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