Liberty Or Death: Which Part 77

Liberty Or Death: Which Part 77


who among us do not want to be holy? But a walk down holy lane is not the way it seems that most are willing to get that holiness. It seems that we as Christians feel that it is too much for God to expect that much of a change from us.


Jesus carried the weight of the worlds sins on his back. But we rebel against getting rid of all the sin that controls our lives. We do not relish thought that we should give up all the worldly living that we so sorely adore.


Jesus took on mankind’s sins in order that we might be able by his help put off our old man of sin. but worldly pleasures are very deceptive. They work in deceitful ways on our attitudes so as we find them not so antichristian. We persist in tis attitude even though they widely mix antichristian things…

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Liberty Or Death: Which Part Eight

Liberty Or Death: Which Part Eight


this is life

Man’s liberties come often with a great price. And this liberty seems always to be threatened.

But need we be surprised about this?


While we may choose to serve God we can well expect to have Satan and his followers do all they can to take that freedom away.


This is seen in the movement to place Sunday as the day that everyone must worship on. Your right to choose any other day is soon to be taken from you.


The church is now busy making Sunday the day that everyone must observe, just like they did as the fallen church in the Middle Ages.

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Liberty Or Death: Which part Five

Liberty Or Death: Which part Five



When we walk away From God’s lamp of truth, truth loses its meaning. However our minds and hearts are like sponges. Sooner or later they need to soak in something. Since we rejected God’s way we have to replace it with something of our own devising.


Our minds also cannot stand the thought that we are wrong. Therefore we go to great lengths, most of the without even realize that we are doing so, to make it so we are not these wicked sinners that some Christians make them out to be.

good works

They have lives  with good works. to there neighbors they give aid whenever need and where ever help is called for. the hold jobs such as nurses and firemen. To the world these people are looked upon as good people. How on earth it is said can a loving God look down upon such people as these.


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Liberty Or Death: Which Part Three

Liberty Or Death: Which Part Three



This is a word thrown around a lot in God’s church. Members use it on an endless bases to get away with all kinds of sins in their lives.


They like to claim that at the cross Jesus did away with the law. If Jesus were to have done this then God can no longer tell us not to kill or not to commit adultery.


They have to get rid of the commandments or else they would see that they are not following God as they thought.

Also when they throw out the law they can never with complete trouth answer this question.


They go huh the law was done away with!

There also becomes a battle such as this.


They do not realize where they wind up


but they will when judgment time comes.

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KB Writes

Breathing, we do it every second of every day without giving it a second thought. Day after day, with little thought or appreciation of the complexities of this vital function, we enjoy an endless round of in, out, in, out, in, out.

Then one day, seemingly out of the blue, a catastrophic event or virulent illness comes along and reminds us how imperative this often forgotten element is to life. Turning that simple rhythm of in, out, in, out, in, out, into a herculean task  as seemingly every brain cell concentrates to maintain this vital pathway to life.

It is from the unnerving experience, brought on by a flair up of my autoimmune disorder, that this simple poem was born. Like a switch between night and day, breathing went from simple to a constant struggle as I struggled to lift my seemingly weighted down and glue filled lungs. I walked away from that unnerving…

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