Rulers That Cause People To Rejoice

Rulers That Cause People To Rejoice


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A Picture or two of what is is like under wicked ruler ship.



The other side of the coin is that when a righteous leader rules

In other wards there is rejoicing  in the streets while God’s law is followed. There is also joy in the home and when Jesus returns the righteous will reign with him as kings.

Under which kind of rulership would you like to live under?

Which kind to you think that this world is living under now?

And its only getting worst.

Rejoice or not to rejoice is our only two choices.

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False Purity Our Way of Life

False Purity Our Way of Life


As Christians we are suppose to be living, breathing images of Jesus our Lord.


Instead we are too busy being like to world and how to fit in with them to spend time learning how to be more like Jesus. We watch their TV shows. We go all the time to their entertainment places.


We enjoy their music. What is there about the world have we not taken into  our lives?

There should be a division between us as Christians and this world that we live in. However, we have jumped head first right into the pleasures of those who rebel against Jesus and the bible.


If we are to have a true purity will we not separate ourselves from this worldly lifestyle? Instead we soak this worldliness deeper into our lives. This makes it all the more unlikely that Jesus will be able to free us from the sins of…

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What is Time

What is Time



To all us Human beings life is all about time.


all too often time seems to slip away all too fast.


we need time for family, time for bonding with them, time for work, and time for leisure.


Some time lays so heavy upon us that it seems to us as if we are carrying the world on our shoulders.

Sometimes we feel our load so heavy it seems as if in order to make it we have to daily push the weight of the world around. Or at other times in our lives we have a sense in our hearts that the world about us is trying to end our lives.

We all long to have our live filled with joy and sweetness where we can pick up our cares and woes whenever and wherever we want. However, life is not that way.

No matter how much we put forth…

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If We Break Even One Of The Ten Commandments

If We Break Even One Of The Ten Commandments


Jesus was talking about the satisfying of  the law. Just what would it take to satisfy the commandments that Jesus Himself gave us?

was it doing away with them?

thdoes away

Therefore if any of those who lay claim to My name act in an unchrist- like manner by trying to do away with any one of or all of My commandments; as well as teach others that hey are done away with or altered I shall withdraw their names from the book of life.

On the other hand

whosoever does

Remember Jesus said


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Obey The Lord Is The Wise Thing To Do

Obey The Lord Is The Wise Thing To Do



We all want to build our faith upon Jesus our Lord and Savior. But how are we to be assured  that is what we are doing? Jesus says in Matthew that when we hear His words we are made wise and we than are able to build upon the rock, Jesus.

We need to go to the bible, open it and study it. but if this were all that Jesus meant by His use lf the word hear here then most people  would enter heaven.

Think Jesus also says

Not everyone

Jesus says what

Yes Jesus say that there is more to building our house upon Him than just having a bible in the house or just reading it.


to God having a bible, reading it, studying it, and obeying it is hearing His words and becoming wise unto salvation.


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Add To Your Life These Promises

Add To Your Life These Promises



We all at times join the world in pleasures that to us look as if they are innocent.

Disney to most people seems as if nothing is wrong with going there. However, for the Christian is that true? Can Christians be on safe ground and bring their children in their doors and expect that the world will not change their attitude toward Jesus as the savior of the world? Are we willing to take a closer look at Disney?


Let us start Here at the castle. Disney has made this caste home to


This is known as a kids classic. Something for all to watch with joy. But what lies beneath the surface. Witchcraft for one.


God warns that we should have nothing to do with this even though it is plastered all over Disney.


How can we be faithful to our God and raise up our children in the…

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Ever Praying Never Recieving It’s Power

Ever Praying Never Recieving It’s Power



Jesus knows what we need even before we ask it of Him. So why is it that our prayers all too often seem to fly up into the sky and disappear; going unanswered?

All our time in prayer seem to us to be worthless. Time wasted in which we could have been doing something more fruitful.


We need to understand that prayer is not just about getting our desires from a God who is so willing to give then to us. Its more about our letting Jesus change our hearts and our lives into His likeness.

Until we let Him come into our life and we meet Him at the cross our prayers will be worthless.

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