Roses in Wilson (North Carolina)

These roses are absolutely beautiful. When I look at them I cannot help but wonder how glorious the roses in Heaven will be. They are like little post cards from Heaven reminding us of God’s love and calling us to return home.

Source: Roses in Wilson (North Carolina)


Flowers blooming on Atacama Desert, Chile. Photograph by Mario…

When I look at photos like this, I cannot help but wonder what this world must have looked like before sin. Because if, after 6,ooo years of sin this world looks so wondrous, imagine the beauty that must have been when the eye could look at every corner and not find one flaw.

Source: Flowers blooming on Atacama Desert, Chile. Photograph by Mario…

The Tiger Lilies Are Blooming

Before these photos I had never seen tiger lilies.  They are a very bold and colorful flower. I imagine that they would make a startling contrast in the flower garden.

In mid-June, I posted a bunch of photos of the top of a lily. This was prior to the lily blooming and I couldn’t remember what sort of lily was going to pop out. Now I know. It was a tiger li…

Source: The Tiger Lilies Are Blooming